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Pro Lighting Rental - Smart, stylish lighting packages for your event will provide a big-time impact.

Soundhouse offers a great selection of professional event lighting, whether you've got a small DJ gig, a large scale corporate event, or anything in between!

Looking for convenient, plug-and-play sound-activated effect lights for a small to medium dancefloor? We've got you covered.

We can also provide a more substantial lighting rig from the ground up, utilizing the latest and greatest fixtures out there. We can provide a custom solution for your event from design to execution based on your floor plan or requirements, including delivery, set-up and on-site technician.

Check out our lighting packages, contact us at or give us a call at 888-826-1299 to discuss your specific needs!   


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  1. Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4

    Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4

    1 Day Price: $45.00

    The Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4 is a 100% wireless, powerful yet compact quad-color LED fixture ideal for colorful accents or ambient wash lighting.

    Learn More
  2. Chauvet SlimPAR Pro RGBA

    Chauvet SlimPAR Pro RGBA

    1 Day Price: $30.00

    Rent a par style LED Wash Light with Color Presets, Automatic Programs and DMX connectivity from Soundhouse NYC. Learn More
  3. Chauvet J-Six Dual LED Moonflower

    Chauvet J-Six Dual LED Moonflower

    1 Day Price: $25.00

    Dual LED moonflower effect with 112 red, green and blue LEDs. This lighting rental also offers built-in and sound-activated programs. Learn More
  4. Chauvet VUE 4.1 LED Rotating Moonflower

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